5 Worst Foods for Your Skin [Saturday, April 15, 2017]
by Jane Meggitt You can cleanse, tone, moisturize and apply sunscreen religiously, but if you donít watch what you eat you canít achieve a first-rate complexion. On the other hand, dietary changes usually improve skin drastically.


You knew this would top the list. Sugar directly contributes to acne Ė and inflammation. Sugar consumption causes insulin levels to rise dramatically, and the resulting inflammation leads to collagen loss. Even if youíre past the breakout stage of life, sugar is partly responsible for your lines and wrinkles. Since sugar is added to so many commercially prepared foods, check ingredient labels zealously.

Fried and Grilled Foods

Deep-fried foods are another source of bodily inflammation, and the same holds true for grilled fare. Not all grilled foods are bad Ė just those heated and blackened excessively. With fried foods, the culprit is not frying per se, but the industrial unsaturated fats used in the frying process. That means fast fried and restaurant foods are out if you want healthy skin. Eating an occasional home-cooked meal fried in saturated fat is fine as an occasional indulgence. However, other types of fried or overly grilled food speed up the skinís aging process.

Dairy Products

If you have acne issues, try removing dairy products from your diet. The hormones in cowís milk Ė it is designed to feed calves, not people Ė can affect the bodyís own hormones. Since many breakouts are hormonal in nature, this just adds fuel to the zits and blackheads fire. Adults dealing with rosacea or other inflammatory skin conditions should also lay off the dairy products.


An occasional glass of wine or beer isnít harmful, but overall itís better to stay away from alcohol completely if you want to retain a healthy complexion. When you see people who have too much to drink, you might not pay attention to their skin, but odds are it looks bad. Even moderate drinking makes skin look older, puffier and less firm Ė and that doesnít even take those charming broken blood vessels on the nose into consideration.


What? How can the only thing that gets you up to snuff each morning harm your skin? This is a tough one for many people, but no one said maintaining great skin was easy. Each cup of java raises your bodyís cortisol levels. Cortisol is the stress hormone, and it triggers inflammation. Itís hard to enjoy your coffee when you know it is contributing to premature aging and/or zits. Consider antioxidant-rich green tea as a substitute.

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